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Arm Lift

Dr. Eshbaugh is a leading plastic surgery specialist who has extensive experience helping patients seeking arm lift surgery.

Dedicated to helpingyou with your arm lift needs, Dr. Eshbaugh is committed to providing the best results possible. Please read the information below to learn more about this procedure and how it can help with your overall appearance.

An arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, is a surgical way of dealing with the excess skin that can accumulate in the upper arm area. At Florida Body Plastic Surgery in the Naples, Fort Myers and southwest Florida areas, the arm lift procedure is being used to take away that extra skin leaving arms with a more desirable contour.

The arm lift is especially useful for patients who have lost a lot of weight, or for those whose arms have too much skin and fat despite working out. The stretched out skin can not contract by itself leaving unsightly skin and fat hanging off the upper arm. The arm lift is an ideal way to give a smooth and natural look back to the upper arm area.


The operation is done as an outpatient procedure, requiring about two hours in the operating room. The excision leaves a thin scar extending from the upper arm area to the elbow. This is usually well covered by the shirt sleeve, and gets better with time. Liposuction is often added to contour the rest of the arm. Recovery usually takes about six weeks before the patient can begin to lift heavy objects and exercise.

The cosmetic surgeons of Florida Body Plastic Surgery are performing arm lifts on patients with beautiful results. If extra skin and fat is hanging from your arms, call to schedule a consultation to begin the process of having the kind of toned arms you’ve always wanted.

In addition to performing arm lift, we perform other body contouring procedures such as body lift, liposuction and tummy tucks.


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