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Botox & Restylane

It is now possible to have the benefits of plastic surgery without the surgery!

Dr. Eshbaugh is a leading Florida plastic surgery specialist who is proud to offer facial fillers such as Botox and Restylane.

Patients are encouraged to read the information below to learn more about these rejuvenating treatments. Also, view the Botox and Restylane before and after gallery to see results for Florida Body patients.

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Florida is known as the "sunshine state". Its residents and visitors definitely enjoy all that sun, but the downside is the effect it has on their skin. Sun exposure damages skin decreasing its vitality, increasing discoloration and speeds up the process of wrinkling. Similar changes occur with age.

Facial skin is particularly susceptible to these changes. Fine lines and wrinkles develop first in areas where we are most animated. The "crow's feet" around the eyes, "laugh lines" around the mouth, and "frown lines" in the forehead all make us look older. Brown spots can pop up anywhere but are most often found in the cheeks.

The cosmetic surgeons at Florida Body Plastic Surgery are helping patients in Naples, Fort Myers and all over southwest Florida treat their aging and sun-damaged skin with skin resurfacing. A variety of techniques are available, and at Florida Body Plastic Surgery we tailor the treatment to the specific needs of each patient.

The simplest skin resurfacing can be done with superficial peels and microdermabrasion. These techniques treat the very top layer of skin. Down time is minimal, and they leave the skin with a nice sheen. More aggressive peels such as the TCA and Phenol peels are designed to treat the deeper layers of the skin. These require more recovery time, but can help smooth wrinkles, lighten brown spots, and tighten loose skin.

Laser technology has revolutionized skin resurfacing. At Florida Body Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer laser skin resurfacing with the Sciton laser. This amazing machine allows us to adjust the amount of energy and wavelength of the laser with which the skin is treated. The result is we can be even more precise in treating the specific needs of each patient.


Facial Fillers

The earliest facial fillers were derivatives of collagen, a substance found in the deeper layers of skin. More advanced forms of collagen are still available, such as Cosmoderm™ and Cosmoplast™. Collagen products are very popular, and offer short-term improvements. Problems with allergic reactions and the short amount of time before they are absorbed are potential drawbacks.

Restylane™ has been used extensively recently as a facial filler and has the advantage of lasting for up to six months to a year. It is made of a substance found in the basement layer of skin, and does not have as many problems with allergic reactions that collagen can have. It is a great choice for fine wrinkles, folds, and for enlarging lips.

Radiesse™ is a recent entry into the facial fillers market that offers longer lasting results. It is not yet FDA approved for facial injection, so it must be administered as an “off label” use. The potential is for Radiesse ™ to remain where it is injected for years!

The plastic surgeons at Florida Body Plastic Surgery can make a difference in how you look using facial fillers in one office visit, and our practice is convieniently located near the beautiful beaches between Naples and Fort Myers. For a more refreshed look without the down-time of surgery, call for a consultation with our staff to find out which filler will best suit your needs.

With all the sunshine in Naples, Fort Myers and all of southwest Florida, sun damaged skin is epidemic. The cosmetic surgeons at Florida Body Plastic Surgery can help you reverse the harmful effects of the sun and aging.

Florida Body Plastic Surgery offers the latest generation of facial fillers, including injectable products designed to treat wrinkles, fine lines, creases, folds, and for enlarging lips. These products have been refined and expanded to offer longer lasting results without the recovery time needed for surgery.

Though the results are not as dramatic as surgery, they can give select patients improvements in their face during a single visit to the office!

Call now for a skin resurfacing consultation to find which technique best suits you.


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