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Breast Lift

In addition to being a leading breast augmentation specialist, Dr. Eshbaugh has significant experience helping patients with sagging breasts undergo a breast lift procedure.

Please read the information below and visit the before and after gallery to learn more about this procedure and to view successful results from Florida Body Plastic Surgery breast lift patients.

One of the most distressing conditions a woman can experience is sagging breasts. The relentless effect of gravity on the human breast results in a condition called breast ptosis, more commonly known as drooping, or sagging breasts.

This is also seen after pregnancy and weight loss. The stretched out skin of the breast remains after they get smaller, resulting in sagging. Some women have a genetic predisposition to droop which happens shortly after their breasts develop.

Fortunately, there is an operation that can reverse the effects of gravity called mastopexy, or breast lift. The cosmetic surgeons at Florida Body Plastic Surgery are performing breast lifts and mastopexy to restore the youthful appearance of women’s breasts in Naples, Fort Myers and all across southwest Florida using a variety of the latest techniques.



The breast lift operation usually takes around two to three hours. It involves removing excess skin, and often requires lifting the nipple to a more “perky” position. Some patients like to have their breasts enlarged at the same time to restore fullness. The recovery period takes two to six weeks to get back to full activity.

It is possible that a small amount of lift can be obtained with implants alone. This is in the rare case when only the skin droops and the nipple stays at a good level. The implant can fill out the skin “envelope”, resulting in a mild lift of the tissues.

Advantages of a breast lift are numerous. Most women happily discover their clothes fit better and that swimsuits and even low cut tops better stay in place. Improved confidence and self-esteem inevitably result.

Whether you are in the local Naples Fort Myers area or are visiting from regions beyond, call Dr. Eshbaugh at Florida Body Plastic Surgery to schedule a confidential consultation to see what your options are to repair drooping or sagging breasts.

In addition to being leading breast lift surgeons, the plastic surgery specialists at Florida Body Plastic Surgery are also dedicated surgeons who help breast reduction and breast augmentation patients with their bustline enhancements.



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