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Breast Reduction

Dr. Eshbaugh is a leading breast surgery specialist helping breast augmentation and breast reduction patients with their bustline needs.

Known throughout Florida for exceptional patient care and dedication to providing rewarding results, Dr. Eshbaugh and his team at Florida Body Plastic Surgery take pride in helping their breast reduction patients enhance the appearance of and/or ease the pain associated with oversized breasts.

Please read the information below and view the breast reduction before and after gallery to learn more about this procedure.

Many people assume that large breasts are a desirable feature for women. However, if the breasts are too large they can cause symptoms that interfere with daily life. At Florida Body Plastic Surgery in the beautiful Naples and Fort Myers area, patients are discovering the benefits of breast reduction surgery.

The weight of excessively large breasts can cause problems with neck and back pain, breast pain, shoulder strap grooves and rashes beneath the breasts. These symptoms can progress over time and can literally prevent women from engaging in normal activities such as exercising or playing sports. Some even have difficulty finding clothes, or buy extra large clothes in an attempt to hide their large breasts.


Breast reduction, also called reduction mammoplasty, is being done by the doctors at Florida Body Plastic Surgery to help relieve these symptoms. The operation usually takes up to three hours and can not only reduce the size, but also lift the breasts into a more youthful position. Patients can usually return to work in two weeks, though some with more strenuous jobs might need to take more time off.

The cosmetic surgeons of Florida Body Plastic Surgery serving the Florida area, have extensive experience in breast reduction. They have been using a short scar technique which dramatically reduces the length of the scar in select patients. The breasts look great, and the patients experience dramatic relief of their symptoms.

Breast reduction surgery is an ideal way for any woman who wants to make a change in her appearance or reduce the physical pain associated with large breasts. Women in Naples, Fort Myers and all of southwest Florida can get a boost in self-confidence and improved-self esteem safely and effectively with a breast reduction.

Let the skilled and experienced plastic surgeons at Florida Body Plastic Surgery help you explore your options with breast reduction surgery.

As a leading breast surgeon, Dr. Eshbaugh takes pride in helping Naples, Ft. Myers and Bonita Springs breast lift, breast reduction and breast augmentation patients with their plastic surgery needs.



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