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Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Eshbaugh is one of the leading Florida plastic surgeons with extensive experience helping eyelid surgery patients.

Please read the information below to learn more about how eyelid surgery can rejuvenate your appearance. View the blepharoplasty before and after gallery to see results for South Florida eyelid surgery patients.

Perhaps no other area of the face is more susceptible to the effects of age than the eyes. Wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and extra skin all make us look tired—even when we’re not!

The cosmetic surgeons at Florida Body Plastic Surgery are using advanced eyelid surgery techniques and the latest blepharoplasty innovations to provide a more refreshed and youthful appearance to the eyes.

The thin skin around the eyes is tightly bound to the muscles that encircle them. Over the years, this skin develops fine wrinkles, and stretches out forming folds above and below the eyes. The fat around the eyes also gets more prominent causing puffiness. The combination of these changes results in a tired and aged appearance.

In some cases the laser can reverse the early changes associated with aging. The skin is tightened removing fine wrinkles. Sometimes the laser is combined with removal of some of the fat to relieve puffiness. Recovery takes a week to two weeks, after which makeup is used to cover up the temporary redness.


In more advanced stages of aging, an eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty is done. This operation removes extra skin and tightens the fat to relieve puffiness. The shape of the eyes can also be restored to a more youthful, almond shape by tightening the insertion of the lids at the corners. The eyelid surgery takes one to one and a half hours with recovery taking a week to two weeks.

Genetics can play an important part in how our eyes look. Some people have puffy eyes with dark circles as early as their late teens. This worsens as they begin their twenties causing them to seek help to relieve them of the tired, stressed appearance.

Now there is a way for your eyes to look as refreshed and vigorous as you feel. Let the cosmetic surgeons at Florida Body Plastic Surgery carefully explain to you what can be done to restore that sparkle to your eyes!

In addition to performing eyelid surgery, Dr. Eshbaugh performs other facial rejuvenation procedures, including helping face lift, rhinoplasty and browlift patients with their cosmetic needs.


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