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Face Lift

As a leading surgeon helping patients seeking a facelift procedure, Dr. Eshbaugh is dedicated to providing exemplary rejuvenation results.

Please read the information below to learn more about this procedure and how it can create a more youthful appearance. Also, view the face lift before and after gallery to see results of Florida Body facelift patients.

Men and women in Florida are turning back the clock with facelifts at Florida Body Plastic Surgery. Once reserved just for those seeking to tighten loose skin, the trend now is to take a more comprehensive approach making adjustments to the soft tissue structures of the face to give a more natural, refreshed, and rejuvenated look.

The term “facelift” usually refers to pulling the skin of the face tighter to remove wrinkles. Actually, the modern approach to facelift is to avoid that tight, over-done look that we have all seen in the past. Newer techniques seek to restore the tissues to a more youthful position, hiding the scars in the natural creases of the face.

Genetics, diet, and lifestyle can radically change facial features over the course of many years. In Naples, Fort Myers and all of southwest Florida, excessive sun exposure speeds up the aging process of facial skin. A comprehensive approach to addressing this aging process can take years off of one’s appearance.





The face lift operation is often done together with other operations such as brow lift, eyelid lift, and neck lift to rejuvenate all the areas of the face. This preserves the harmony of the face and avoids a youthful appearance in one area with excessive wrinkles in another.

The cosmetic surgeons at Florida Body Plastic Surgery perform the face lift operation in a licensed, accredited outpatient facility using board certified anesthesiologists. It takes anywhere from two and a half to five hours, depending on how many areas of the face are addressed. Recovery usually takes between two to three weeks, but patients often leave the house with sunglasses and a scarf after a week.

The plastic surgery team at Florida Body Plastic Surgery takes pride in the beautiful and natural results they obtain for their patients using a variety of techniques customized to their patient’s unique situations. Dr. Eshbaugh has advanced training in facelift surgery, and has taught his techniques to other doctors in national workshops. His goal is to provide a refreshed and youthful result without the appearance of being “done”, or pulled too tight. Call Florida Body Plastic Surgery now to set up a consultation and begin the process of looking as young as you feel!

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