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Dr. Eshbaugh has years of experience helping patients seeking rhinoplasty in Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples and the surrounding area. Please read the paragraphs below to learn more about rhinoplasty and how it can enhance your facial profile. Also, view the nose surgery before and after gallery to see results for South Florida rhinoplasty patients.

The nose is one of the most dominating features of the human face. In fact, it can literally characterize a person; for example W.C. Fields, or Abraham Lincoln. A nose conveys much about a person, such as elegance, toughness, and refinement . In short, the nose can make one’s face look in harmony, or it can give one “character”.

The cosmetic surgeons of Florida Body Plastic Surgery have the ability to surgically alter the nose through an operation called rhinoplasty, nasoplasty, or a “nose job”. It allows them to make changes that bring the nose into balance with the rest of one’s face. Sometimes other operations are done at the same time to help accomplish this, such as a chin implant to create a strong profile.

There are many features of a nose for which people seek correction. A hump at the top of the nose is a very common complaint. A wide nose is also common, as well as a drooping tip. Wide nostrils can be concerning, a crooked nose, and a round or boxy tip are all reasons patients seek a nose job consultation. Sometimes people just want their noses smaller, more refined, less bulky.


The rhinoplasty operation takes one to three hours, depending on the changes needed. The airway is taken into consideration to preserve one’s ability to breathe so as not to sacrifice function for form. One can expect bruising and swelling for a week after a nose job operation. Generally, one to two weeks is needed to recover.

The cosmetic surgeons of Florida Body Plastic Surgery have extensive experience with nasal surgery. Our plastic surgeons have worked on patients with deformities as simple as a small hump, to severe nasal deformities from cleft lips and palates, traumatic deformities in rodeo cowboys, and revisions of previous nasal surgery. They are trained to evaluate the nose not only from a cosmetic standpoint, but a functional one as well. Patients in Naples, Fort Myers, and all over southwest Florida are experiencing the wonderful difference rhinoplasty can make in one's appearance.

In addition to performing rhinoplasty, the Bonita Springs plastic surgery specialists at Florida Body Plastic Surgery also help patients seeking eyelid surgery, browlift and facelift in Ft. Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs and the surrounding area.


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